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Errigal has pioneered wireless network tools for over 20 years. Our network management expertise allows for time and money saved while improving network quality through our unique ability to work with multi-carrier vendors, manage a variety of different elements and devices, and automate manual labor.

Our software is useful for a variety of entities, including sport stadiums, corporate campuses, school campuses, convention centers, office buildings, and more.

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Seeing the Unknowns and Creating Solutions to Increase Performance
Headquartered in San Francisco, Errigal delivers operations and support software (OSS) to the wireless network industry born from a concept in 1996. Our reputation for robust and trusted solutions is known worldwide by thousands of customers who utilize our software to manage devices and elements. Errigal’s software is capable of condensing millions of alarms into a thousand actionable tickets, discovering most devices and components in wireless networks in a matter of weeks to improve change management and reduce network management traffic.

Element Management / DAS Monitoring

Errigal uses its’ telecom expertise for Distributed Antenna System (DAS) monitoring and DAS Network Operations Center (NOC) operation. Our software monitors the most DAS devices in the industry and is capable of managing a variety of multi-vendor elements. We’re also able to monitor a wide variety of other devices and elements such as power, fiber networks, environmental sensors, and much more.

IDMS Product Suite of Applications

Simplifying the Custom Integration of Device Management

Our wireless network tools and software products are used by thousands of users across the world to monitor a wide variety of elements and devices. Even under peak usage, we have low outage times as a result of our robust and live-network tested software. Our software is also scalable, mobile-compatible, and cloud-supported, allowing for easy access wherever you are located.

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NOC Portal

Provide live status updates and outage information to customers via our customizable web portal, including support for Neutral Host environments

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SNMP Manager

A centralized alarm gathering and management system for DAS networks as well as many other SNMP-compatible devices.

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Reporting Manager

Live statistical reporting for your wireless network or other devices, including automated report generation and delivery on customizable schedules.

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A highly customizable ticket creation and ticket life cycle platform for both automated and manual tickets. A sophisticated tool that allows a user to generate custom workflows and forms at the click of a mouse.

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Element Management System

Protocol-agnostic monitoring utility for DAS networks and many other device types, complete with real-time alarm tracking, network topology discovery, and configuration management.

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Custom Solutions

Errigal has some of the most experienced software engineers who develop high-quality device management software. We offer consulting, R&D, and custom software for a variety of situations.

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