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Seeing the Unknowns and Creating Solutions to Increase Performance
Founded in 1996, Errigal is an enterprise software company specializing in network operations automation and management. We have developed a network management platform that can automatically discover networks and manages them to advise of problems well in advance. This also ensures that problems are identified, tracked, and fixed according to the customer business operations and service level agreements.

Errigal Is Global
Errigal is headquartered in San Francisco, CA and has its operations and development office in Waterford, Ireland. We have developed a reputation for robust and trusted solutions in the network/fault management, performance management, and configuration management/inventory arenas.

green node
The number of devices currently managed with Errigal software.

The number of alarms per day managed by Errigal software.

Actionable tickets boiled down from 1,900,000 alarms.

Telecom Expertise

Errigal has taken full advantage of being close to Silicon Valley to attract the best minds in software and we are close to the nerve center of software innovation. We also have attracted people with deep roots in the telecom industry. Among our staff we have many years of system level experience of telecom networks. This experience includes architecting new telecom networks, RF design and implementations, traffic and capacity engineering, fault management, billing and managing large scale telecom projects.

Although we consider ourselves on the cutting edge of software development it is our telecom expertise which sets us above the rest. It is rare to find a team of people that have had deep system design and implementation experience.

That is why we can work collaboratively with our end users since we have first hand experiences of the problems being addressed.

Over the years we have produced cutting edge configuration management, fault management, billing, and performance management systems that have stood the test of time because we are intuitively aware of the issues being addressed by these tools. We are able to automate labor intensive processes because we have had people who have done those processes in the past.


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Padraig Tobin Founder and CEO

Padraig Tobin is a longstanding veteran of the Wireless Telecom industry. He started with Motorola during the explosive growth of wireless telecommunications. Over the years he has become a recognized industry expert in wireless telecommunications on both the technology and business side and has worked with Verizon, Sprint, Clearnet, and many others in order to develop their networks. Padraig has a BSEE from University College Dublin, Ireland, a M.Ed from Harvard University, and an MBA from Columbia University.

Stephen Shotts Chief Technologist and Co-Founder

Stephen Shotts is a wireless telecommunications professional with years of RF and Network Engineering experience between employments at Nortel and Nextel. During the first dot com boom, Stephen decided to leverage his work experience and passion for software development to bring carrier-grade Engineering and Operations tools to market. Stephen earned a BSEE from Virginia Tech and an MBA from UC Berkeley.