Cost Benefit Savings of IDMS

1.9 million alarms
boiled down to 1,000 actionable tickets.

54.3% unknown alarm traffic
in the span of 2 weeks brought down to 4.7%.

Why Use Errigal?

  • Telecom Experience
    Errigal has been writing operations software for over 20 years.
  • Specialized In Neutral Host
    Errigal software designed from day one to support neutral host (shared) systems with the ability to control each customers’ visibility and access to network data.
  • Field Team Support
    We provide tools, reports, and workflows for all field team operations.
  • Ported To Mobile Devices
    Ease of access to the system through the use of smartphones and tablets – anywhere, anytime.
  • Preventative Maintenance
    We track/enforce the best processes as part of network support.
  • Born as a Telecom Software Company
    We started as a telecom software company using best practices and talent from the best of the San Francisco Bay area.
  • Carrier Supported Interfaces
    Existing carriers have supported and negotiated interfaces for ease of use in the system.
  • Multi-Carrier Support
    Every carrier needs custom reporting, portals, ticketing, workflows, forms, and SLAs.

Cost Benefits Savings

With the emergence of Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), carriers have experienced strong subscriber growth levels as mobile penetration grows year over year across the United States and the world. The rapid growth for each company has led to quickly designed networks with patchy networks and huge, ubiquitous coverage holes.

Deployment of single-carrier outdoor DAS prevalent 10 years ago is now being displaced by Remote Radio Heads. Now that active neutral host DAS nodes make up a larger and larger percentage of traffic in an urban area, they should require the same attention to network monitoring given to regular cell sites (BTS). There are direct costs associated with DAS outages, but the most compelling reason is the fact that carriers now compete primarily on network quality. Not having coverage, where you think you do, will cause significant customer churn.

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