Custom Device Management Solutions

Custom software is essential when attempting to address a unique problem. Errigal’s expertise in the telecom industry provides users with the best in custom software for a variety of situations. Throughout the software development process, we work with end users to ensure that the developed software is meeting the correct needs.

Our Custom Work

Dig Tool

A custom tool to manage dig warning notifications to reduce the amount of staff needed to monitor customer elements deployed in public spaces. Using call center information, the tool automatically processes dig email notifications to geographically identify proximity to customer elements and automatically send clear notifications if they are outside of an affecting area.

If there is proximity to elements the tool provides a technician with a ticket and display of the potentially impacted elements and the location of the dig. The tech can then easily click a button to send out a standardized notification to delay the work and assign a team to physically mark the elements at the location.

Fiber tool

Errigal created a custom tool to view, maintain, and manage underground and aerial fiber deployments. The tool provides technicians with location accurate information to confirm “mark-outs” and locate any breaks or outages. The tool can also create and view trouble tickets to resolve any open fiber issues.

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