Device Management at Your Fingertips

Errigal has been integrating diverse complicated IoT devices for 20 years.

We will take your devices and add:

  • Security
  • Performance Metrics
  • User Management
  • Configuration Management
  • And we will make it look fantastic.

If you can produce the best device possible, we’ll give your users the best experience possible.

IoT Device Management

Errigal has been porting to thousands of different IoT devices over two decades. With our experience we are able to provide you with a comprehensive ecosystem to manage your device in a way that will impress your users, and because we have seen almost everything before, it won’t take long.

After being integrated with our cloud platform, from your phone, you will be able to:

  • See the status of your device at a glance
  • Provide views to all alarm scenarios
  • Have sophisticated security and user account management
  • Provide historical graphs and trends of performance parameters
  • Change the settings and configuration
  • Reset the device
  • Test the connectivity
  • Provide tracking to all changes
  • View Management Reports

We have the economies of scale that others don’t. We provide a platform for hundreds of thousands of devices so we are able to build up a library of functionality that will not be cost-effective for each individual device owner to build. We provide a cloud platform scaled for a million devices. We have handled thousands of interface types with differing protocols and connections. That is why we can give you so much functionality so fast, and our continuous upgrades will keep the user experience modern at all times with new features added all the time.

Contact us and we can show you how good your device can look.

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