IoT Devices

“Taking 1.9 million alarms and distilling them down to 1,000 actionable tickets daily.”
As many IoT deployments consist of hundreds of thousands to even millions of devices, it is essential to track, monitor, and manage connected device fleets as they grow. The requirement to ensure your IoT devices work securely and adequately after deployment is a critical step to secure the access to your devices, to monitor their health, to detect and remotely troubleshoot problems, and to manage software and firmware updates.

Managing the Digital Future

Errigal IoT discovery processes are configurable to support any device protocols. Discovered data can then be combined with non-discoverable data through manual entry or bulk upload through flat file. The management platform user interface, a widget-based dashboard, displays a mix of geospatial data, historical trend reports, and real-time performance data.

Errigal Seeing the Unknowns and Creating Solutions

The IoT-customized configuration of the Errigal EMS (Element Management System) makes it easy to securely onboard, organize, monitor, and remotely manage IoT devices at scale. With Errigal you can register your connected devices individually or in bulk and efficiently manage permissions to devices secure. You can also organize your devices, monitor and troubleshoot device functionality, query the state of any IoT device in your fleet, and send firmware updates over-the-air (OTA) regardless of RF Edge protocol.

The IoT EMS is agnostic to device type and OS, enabling management of devices ranging from constrained microcontrollers to connected cars, all with the same service. Errigal’s IoT EMS allows you to scale your fleets and reduce the cost and effort of managing large and diverse IoT device deployments.

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