Network Management

Many users across the world rely on Errigal’s network monitoring software products to maintain and regulate their systems. Our software is built with care and tested extensively through severe regression test software processes before releasing it to our production systems. This minimizes outage times and makes our network monitoring software capable of handling high levels of traffic for networks with high demand.

Errigal’s Seeing the Unknowns and Creating Solutions

The Errigal IDMS platform solves many of the obstacles of neutral-host DAS with powerful features:

  • Errigal Enhanced Standardized Alarms: Non-compliant SNMP network device alarms are standardized to one enhanced, SNMP-compliant Errigal alarm format with location features so that carriers do not have to develop rules for over 2,000 different alarm types
  • Precise Metrics: Downtime calculations can take into account when only a portion of the system is affected and can attribute the impact to the correct carriers
  • Integrated Ticketing: Support for automatic ticket generation from shared equipment alarms and for eBonding with external ticketing systems
  • Data Granularity: Segregation and routing of alarms per carrier all the way to the RF interface
  • Identity Management: User controls allow carriers to provide appropriate access to shared networks
  • Reporting: Detailed reports generated and managed for each carrier at every level of the network
  • Geolocation: Providing visual mapping for communicating coverage issues of indoor or venue systems

Errigal’s Universal Management Platform

Industry leaders trust Errigal’s software platform monitor to over 50,000 DAS nodes throughout the world. We also participate in various custom projects in industries including Power, Utilities, Wireless, and many more. Whether the network is for a small business or a large multinational corporation, Errigal is capable of monitoring a variety of elements and carriers.

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