NOC in-a BOX

Fully loaded with Alarming, Ticketer, Maps, Workflows, & Reports. Eliminate the noise. Automation has never been easier.

Everything You Need In One View

Includes search bars, ticket counts, reports, graphs, outages, mapping with weather, performance data, configuration data, alarming. Powerful dashboard display all in one screen.

Manage Your NOC With Ease

Noise reduction and automation to manage the mass of data and allow your team to be more productive. Features include; auto ticket creation, color coded by severity, bouncing alarm counter, ignore rules, search function, alarm suppression, custom grace periods and ability to create manual tickets if needed.

Reports Made Easy

Errigal’s modern reporting tool has multiple reports to choose from. Automatic scheduling of reports to individuals or groups, easy export, ability to modify with ease, active report functionality gives you more access to the data.

The Power Is In The Workflow

Create automation with your workflow. Assign tickets to individuals or groups, escalation, accountability, easy to modify and add functionality.

One Stop Shop For NOC Broadcast

Visual network overview, color coded alarm severity, real time ticket status, weather overlay, weather warning, fire overlay, fiber overlay all with the click of a button.

Complete NOC Automation

Automated systems to allow complete control of triage of alarms, a knowledgebase of repair remedies for system problems, instant repair the problems, and initiating Automatic Dispatching of Repair Technicians when necessary.

Benefits of NOC-in-a Box

  • Reduce OPEX
  • Automation
  • Reduce The Noise
  • Standardization
  • Increase Revenue

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