IDMS Product Suite of Applications

Thousands of users across the world rely on Errigal’s network monitoring software products to maintain and regulate their systems. Our software is built with care and tested extensively through severe regression test software processes before releasing it to our production systems.

This results in unusually low outage times and makes our network monitoring software capable of handling high levels of traffic for networks with high demand.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Compatible

Our software’s compatibility with Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows for remote network monitoring on Amazon’s robust servers. This helps reduce the costs for IT maintenance, removes any restrictive limits imposed by available hardware, and provides convenience for users in multiple locations.

Cloud Compliant

Cloud-based network management is essential for businesses and entities who require the convenience and security of cloud computing. Our monitoring software is adaptable for cloud-based needs with no issue.

Highly Scalable and Reliable

We test our software extensively and are trusted upon by 1,000s of users to monitor over 50,000 DAS nodes throughout the world. Whether the network is for a small business or a large multinational corporation, we’re capable of monitoring a variety of elements and carriers.

Errigal IDMS platform solves many of the neutral DAS obstacles by providing the following features:

  • Allowing access-for Carriers to provide appropriate access to shared networks
  • Supplying Carrier specific reports generated and managed for each Carrier
  • Providing visual mapping for communicating coverage issues of indoor or venue systems
  • Segregating and routing of Alarms-by Carrier all the way to the RF interface

IDMS Product Suite Of Applications

Our network management software offers a wide variety of applications that monitor different areas of your network. These applications include:

  • NOC Portal
  • SNMP Manager
  • Element Management System
  • Reporting Manager
  • Ticketer

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Our Software Applications

snmp manager icon

SNMP Manager

Our software has an SNMP Manager tool that connects various vendor-neutral elements and properly displays information of an entire network. SNMP Manager connects a variety of elements, regardless of carrier, and provides an accurate portrayal of the network at a glance.

Ticketer icon


Our Ticketer application is a customizable ticket creation platform that handles automated and manual tickets. This ticketing feature supports the creation of complex workflows and forms at the click of a mouse by using a variety of sophisticated tools.

noc portal icon

NOC Portal

Provide live status updates and outage information to customers via our customizable web portal, including support for Neutral Host environments to show each carrier or customer only their equipment down to the radio interface (e.g., Radio Head, RF interface, etc.).

report manager icon

Reporting Manager

See live statistical reporting for your wireless network or elements at a glance through our easy to use dashboard. Errigal’s software is also capable of sending out daily/weekly/monthly reports.

element management system

Element Management System

An SNMP-based monitoring utility for DAS (Distributed Antenna System) networks and many other devices to enable a communications site. This application provides real-time alarm tracking, network topology discovery, and configuration management for current and legacy multi-vendor platforms.

Custom Device Management Solutions

We also provide custom software development to address specific device management problems for a variety of situations. We constantly work with the end users throughout the development cycle to ensure the correct needs are met.

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