Enhanced management platform for improved performance and utilization of AMI networks.


Errigal’s expertise and platform for multi-vendor device management empowers utilities to take control of their AMI networks. Errigal’s platform simplifies real-time data acquisition and trending to enhance operational performance in the following areas:

  • Automatically detect AMI network inefficiencies and failure nodes
  • Streamline meter asset management and workflow operations
  • Holistically monitor and prioritize AMI network data traffic.

Energy and Utilities Industry

Errigal’s involvement in a utility’s projects demonstrate use-cases which may enhance the utility’s ability to advance the existing AMI network from a billing-centric to an operations-centric technical solution.

As an example, Errigal’s platform issues real time Web Service calls to smart meters, collects results, and applies rules to identify outliers for field action, while visually displaying all trend data.

Also, the utility’s project demonstrated the Errigal platform’s capability to map and visualize meter and network asset health against configurable thresholds.

This was accomplished by Errigal software platform integrating multiple AMI systems and developing reporting tools that can provide real-time notifications and updates on system conditions.

Energy and Utilities Industry

It has been demonstrated across the power generation and utility industry to make significant improvements in day-to-day operations, real-time analytics can be a very effective tool. Today, utilities do not have a fully-integrated network management system that can manage data across multiple AMI vendors.

Without Errigal’s expertise, the various systems must be monitored independently by engineers and analysts in a “swivel chair” fashion, which increases the oversight burden. Errigal’s mastery in overcoming this key obstacle as AMI Smart Grid utilization grows and the need for integration of different AMI vendors becomes more critical.

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