Reporting Manager

Being able to analyze information of a network at a glance is valuable for IT professionals and network managers. Our dashboard is capable of displaying a wide array of information, including alarm notifications, DAS node details, network status, and more. This, in turn, helps inform maintenance and repair actions for field technicians while allowing for proper health gauging of the system as a whole.


Errigal has developed one of the most sophisticated network reporting engines on the market. Our reporting tool is capable of displaying live statistical reporting for your wireless network or elements. The reports generated by our software can be used to do trend analysis and are a major tool in knowing when to order new capacity for a network.

Other reporting features for our software include:

  • Interactive reports generated in real-time
  • One-click drill down procedures to zoom in on your network problem
  • Color highlighting of issues that require special attention
  • Gathering custom statistical information directly from the network
  • Unique logins for carriers/venues to access reports pertaining only to them
  • Reports emailed on a daily/weekly/monthly basis
  • Export feature to Excel
  • Processes performance and alarm data
  • Color-coded capacity analysis of trunking systems
  • Highly customizable

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