Proper asset management results in better business decisions. Aligning infrastructure management with strategic policies and direction will support the long-term success of the organization’s mission. Errigal’s expertise in the communication paths of RFID tags coupled with asset tracking software lets you manage assets wherever they are.

Whether they move around a facility, are transported between buildings or locations, or if they travel around the globe, they can be tracked regardless of the wireless backbone implemented.

Errigal Innovates Integration

Errigal’s RFID solution involves collecting RFID tag information for a client’s assets on regular intervals from RFID readers connected to the server over a bandwidth-constrained wireless network. A central server processes the received tag information on to better track asset inventory at the client’s storage locations. This integration enabled to the advancement of the existing AMI network from a billing-centric to an operations-centric technical solution.

Errigal’s solution also used the IEEE 2030.5 protocol which also includes provisions for traffic management and compression that make it suitable for AMI or other IoT networks which are often lower bandwidth and focused on conservation of end device energy consumption.

Errigal Enables Asset Visibility

The RFID use case can improve regulatory compliance. For example wastewater utilities, in particular, are required by the EPA to maintain assets properly. The implementation of new O&M practices leveraging RFID tracking can significantly improve asset management and regulatory compliance.

Historical business data shows that asset management systems can assist in maintaining sound and reliable infrastructure, which minimizes life-cycle costs, can significantly reduce O&M costs, and positively impacts long-term capital expenses. Errigal’s approach means that the business always gets the most out of its’ assets for its’ money.

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