Smart Grid IoT Solutions

Errigal’s software makes possible the full utilization of unused bandwidth in your smart grid. Errigal’s software creates a secure, bandwidth-efficient channel for transport of data between the head end server and the IoT endpoints. The IoT endpoint software is programmable to manage many remote devices using any protocol such as DNP3 and MODBUS.

The IoT endpoint software is also programmable to process end device data remotely to save on bandwidth and only transmit data when needed.

Distributed Energy Resources (DER)

Errigal’s solution uses the IEEE 2030.5 protocol which enables management of both CA Rule 21-compliant and legacy smart inverter and industrial energy cell devices.

Sensors & Consumer Devices

Data from any type of remote sensors can be collected in real time or on a schedule.


Interconnect SCADA master software to remote SCADA devices over an AMI network to eliminate the need for additional telco backhaul or modems.

Benefits of the Smart Grid

There are many reasons why the smart grid is beneficial to business and individuals, primarily:

  • Grid stability: Improved management of distribution and DER equipment enables more control over your grid leading to better overall stability.
  • Saving money: Eliminate unnecessary additional interconnection costs and get the most out of your existing network assets.
  • New revenue streams: Open your AMI network to the potential of offering new services to new customer verticals.

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