Smart Grid Operations and Management

Technology, when leveraged properly, bends the cost curve for both the consumer and the provider regardless of industry. Improved smart grid O&M can improve both network performance and efficiency. End users and utilities see positive effects such as:

  • Identification of grid and metering issues before they become problems
  • Reduction of unnecessary truck rolls
  • Fewer network outages and greater overall grid safety

Errigal can reduce cost and increase efficiency.

Errigal Smart Grid Innovations

Errigal’s software successfully captured inventory, configuration, and performance data from three distinct AMI networks managed by a single utility, including both networking elements and metering endpoints, thereby enhancing awareness across all of the AMI networks. This implementation improved the display of network health and utilization.

Errigal’s management platform, a widget-based dashboard, demonstrated the ability to display a mix of geospatial data, historical trend reports, and real-time performance data.

A user-friendly dashboard facilitated the identification of issues at a high level as well as drilling down to a low level of analysis, which expedited identifying and resolving system issues. It also demonstrated the display of raw and processed KPI data such as the number of endpoints per AP, the radio frequency signal strength of each endpoint, and the electric meter temperature data to monitor network health.

Errigal Leveraging Technology

Cost concerns are driving an industry trend to leverage utility smart meter AMI networks for non-utility services, such as water meter billing and alert reading. Errigal’s expertise can aid in this expansion of utility AMI network usage while mitigating the increased pressure on data traffic. With the increase in the volume and the frequency of data exchange over the AMI networks, Errigal’s priority-based data flow management capabilities can be leveraged for a successful integration.

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