SNMP Manager

For over 2 decades Errigal’s SNMP Manager has connected a variety of mobile telecommunication site elements, regardless of carrier, and provides an accurate portrayal of the network at a glance. Errigal’s SNMP Manager allows administrators to monitor additional applications and devices. A user has only to load a MIB file or have us create one and then select what needs to be monitored.

Whether you’re connecting to 20-year old legacy devices or a sophisticated state of the art device, our platform allows for network managers to connect a variety of devices.

57.3% of a network was unknown and
in 2 weeks Errigal’s software reduced it to 4.4%.

Components Of Our SNMP Manager

Fault Management

Our SNMP Manager feature is recognized as the premier customizable fault management tool. It operates by using simple scripting language for live updating of Management Information Bases (MIBs) and additional rules for traps or new elements.

Information that is gathered by the SNMP manager is then available graphically and ordered hierarchically for easy access and management. This in turn provides highly customizable northbound interfaces for any business or network management need.

Neutral Host

Our Neutral Host system provides carriers and integrators with access to their equipment and alarms down to a component alarm level by sharing information they normally wouldn’t be capable of seeing. This allows multiple carriers on a shared system to receive notifications and work requests that apply only to them while working congruently with the overall network.

Live Updates

The SNMP Manager provides a constantly updating view of all active problems in your network. A variety of customizable controls and filters allow you to see the most relevant information in the exact moment that you need it.

Custom Device Integration

Your network is diverse and unique and requires monitoring to match it. The SNMP Manager provides integrated support for most major DAS vendors and many other device types. Nearly any SNMP-enabled device can be added to the already large list of OEMs supported by Errigal.

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