Consolidate and coordinate your operations, build and automate faster and more reliable processes while reducing your dependence on manual processes like scheduling preventative maintenance. Errigal’s IDMS Ticketer enables sophisticated workflow management and reduces internal IT development costs for companies requiring intergroup collaboration or management approval. The application lets users design custom forms at the click of a mouse and insert them into the Errigal workflow process.

These custom forms and workflows allow information and tasks to be easily transferred among team members and are also designed for easy integration with external services and databases.

Ticketer Functionality

The IDMS Ticketer gains its functionality from a form architecture tool that allows fields to be added graphically. As forms are designed, background processes create databases and tables to support the document. Advanced workflow mechanisms are added automatically. Customizable email and text notifications can be enabled to alert peers when there is a new work order or when a ticket escalation occurs.

Preventive Maintenance

Our Ticketer also allows for the clear tracking of preventative maintenance through the use of a customizable checklist of work items. This preventative maintenance checklist can be completed on a smart device and can be triggered on a regular schedule based off of the last maintenance completion date.

Our preventative maintenance tool is also capable of presenting information through the use of detailed reports available for carriers. This in turn allows for field technicians to be tracked independently, ensuring the proper maintenance of the element system. PMs are also available to be viewed from the NOC/Carrier portal.

Watchdog Alert Tickets

Watchdog events can be customized for awkward or unusual scenarios that don’t normally trigger alarms. This in turn allows for irregular occurrences to be addressed, including situations such as when:

  • Performance values are outside the threshold
  • Configuration values are outside recommendations
  • Lack of activity when expected
  • Percentage of a high-priority network is down
  • Dig ticket close to node has not been acknowledged

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