Tower Management Systems

Manage your tower lights, generators and other multi-vendor devices while giving access to others who are sharing equipment.

Fault Management

Processing of alarms either directly from an SNMP-enabled device or via an RTU. Support for multiple device types and vendors of lighting controllers, generators, modems, etc. Alarm sync to prevent missed alarms and clears resulting in SLA penalties or faulty metrics.


Electronic of configuration and performance parameters either on demand or on a set schedule.

Ticket Creation

Automatic ticket creation based on alarms and configurable SLAs. External ticketing application API calls can also be performed from within Errigal’s configurable workflow.


All tower devices are managed in a single pane of glass. Map, alarm, ticket, report, and specialized tower status widgets can be mixed and matched in a dashboard that is customize-able to the user.

Configuration Management

Full CM of configurable device parameters including change tracking and validation.


Live reports showing relevant operational and performance metrics.

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