Our wireless network management expertise allows for time and money saved by our “single pane of glass” approach. Our platform improves network quality through our unique ability to work with multi-carrier vendors, manage a variety of different elements and devices, and automate manual labor. Our software is useful for a variety of entities, including sport stadiums, corporate campuses, school campuses, convention centers, office buildings, and more.

Managing the 5G Digital Future

With the emergence of 5G, new Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), small cells, and pico-cells, carriers have experienced strong subscriber growth levels as mobile penetration grows year over year across the United States and the world. The anticipated rapid growth for each company has led to quickly designed networks with patchy networks and huge, ubiquitous coverage holes.

Newer buildings using materials that interfere with RF coverage, such as window coverings that block radiant heat but which also degrade RF signals, further contribute to the network holes.

Now that active neutral host DAS nodes make up a larger and larger percentage of traffic in an urban area, they should require the same attention to network monitoring given as regular cell sites (BTS). There are direct costs associated with DAS outages, but the most compelling reason is the fact that carriers now compete primarily on network quality. Coverage gaps that remain opaque to carriers will cause significant customer churn.

Errigal Seeing the Unknowns and Creating Solutions

Errigal recognizes wireless AP’s, DAS controllers, and many other telecommunication devices once the network discovery process finishes. Errigal’s integrated IDMS platform enables our monitoring software to efficiently manage your network elements and clients thus enabling you to increase your network performance and have a greater situational awareness. You can monitor and manage wireless networks alongside your fiber devices with alerts, reports, and much more.

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